Our Miscellaneous page

A wide variety of functional and decorative pottery for all your needs. Our custom brown stoneware with varies glazes will fit in with your home decor. We also produce a fine line of porcelain dinnerware and serving pieces with wonderful decorations. Many seasonal platters and one of a kind pieces available.
Lidded rose jars. Dragonfly bath set. Berry bowls.
Brown piggy bank. Personalized bowl. Dragonfly Set.
Wine decanter. Candlestick holders. Buffet Bowl.
Hydrangea pitchers. Small vases.
Miniatures $7-$20
Regular $25-$100
Business card holders.
Steins. Nautical mugs. Blueberry Tureen.
Fish, small $28 & large $40 hanging and standing.
Soap Dispensers Handled Bowls
Pie Plates

Small commemorative plates

Dog bowls $25-$50
Dog treats jar/cookie jars $40-$60


Stop by any time to see us creating this wonderful pottery.
Visitors and new ideas are welcome!

All dishwasher and microwave safe.
Pricing, call or email for details.